IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy is a beneficial treatment that can boost the quality of your life. By replenishing the body with the vitamins and nutrients it may be lacking, your body will feel as if brand new. Experience better health with feelings of rejuvenation, weight loss, more energy, a boost to the immune system, and over all well being. Our special IV drip blends include a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and fluids that are best suited for each patient.

Diet is the body’s main source of nutrients but, unfortunately, the tissues in our body only absorb 10% of that. IV Vitamin Therapy supplies the body with nutrients, via the bloodstream, for a complete replenishment.

Our Infusions

IV Vitamin Infusions are a proven an efficient way to nourish the body with the nutrients, vitamins, and fluids your body needs in order to be in prime condition. There are many different cocktails we offer at Oasis IV Therapy that we believe are the perfect combinations to get the results you desire.

Workout Enhancement

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Athletes need fuel to perform their best. In the gym, in the desert, or even driving in your side by side, our muscles need support. Created by athletes and physicians, Workout Enhancement provides hydration, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fat-burning Lipo-C, and amino-acids for performance and recovery.

NAD+ Infusion

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NAD+ is an essential foundation for cellular metabolism, involved in almost every biochemical process. It provides energy and supports DNA processes. Mentally, it replenishes neurotransmitters to improve mental function and clarity. Additionally, NAD+ reverses mitochondrial damage, leading to optimal functioning. This is THE premier nootropic.

Hangover Revival

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Supplement your skin and hair with a special formula of vitamins that not only strengthen them but portray an abundantly healthier appearance. The Beauty Drip is the powerhouse you need to kick it into overdrive. This cocktail is packed with Lactated Ringers, B 12, B Complex, Glutathione. 

Look your absolute best for upcoming events and special occassions.


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Are you missing the pep in your step? Are you looking for an edge over the competition? Or if you are lagging behind during the day and feel you can not keep up with life’s demands. The Energy Drip is the powerhouse you need to kick it into overdrive. Our physician-developed energy drip is formulated with electrolytes, vitamins, and anti-oxidants to get you where you want to be. This cocktail is packed with Lactated Ringers, B Complex, B 12, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Folate. 

This combination is ready to get anyone through their day with energy they have never felt before.

Weight Loss

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Have a few pounds that need to be shed? The Weight Loss Drip is a metabolism boosting treatment that incinerates the stubborn fat cells. This cocktail is packed with Lipo C. 

Achieve the body you desire while feeling comfortable in your own skin again. 


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If you are feeling under the weather or if cold season is around the corner, our Immunity Drip is what you are looking for. Our research team developed a vitamin drip, backed by the latest in scientific research. High-dose vitamin C for cellular support. Glutathione for powerful anti-oxidation. And B vitamins to provide the building blocks of immunity. This vitamin infusion packs your immune system with an assortment of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Zinc, B Complex, BCAA, B12, and MG2+.

This combination is a powerhouse for your immune system and can help to prevent and reduce the intensity and duration of any illnesses.

Ask About our Premium Immunity Prevention Drip!


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When Dr. Scott Allen was an intern on the medical floor, his attending physician made a remark that stuck with him for years: “You know,” Dr. Broor said, “you can treat a lot of problems with a liter of IV fluid.” Whether you’re dehydrated from the heat, feeling sluggish, or want to detox, our hydration bag comes packed with the fluid and electrolytes your body needs to maintain balance.

Hydration is key to a happy, healthy body that optimally runs. The Hydration Drip is one of the quickest ways to hydrate the body to the levels needed. This cocktail is packed with Lactated Ringers or Normal Saline. 

This drip fills the quench your body feels due to dehydration.


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When a bad headache strikes, it’s all you can think about. Let us help you in your time of need. Our Headache drip combines pain and nausea medication with vitamins and minerals that can relax the suffering.

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