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We are a group of physicians who are dedicated to offering innovative solutions to guide your journey through mind and body wellness.

Scott Allen, MD 

A St. George, Native, Dr. Allen is a board-certified anesthesiologist. He has specialty training in transplant anesthesiology, but his passion has morphed into the intersection of anesthesia, psychiatry, philosophy, and psychology. The role of a healthcare ‘guide’ looms large in Dr. Allen’s practice. He strives to use his knowledge and experience to help others along their unique path. His goal is to provide the most cost-efficient, integrated, and effective ketamine experience in the country. Dr. Allen enjoys outdoor pursuits with his family and communing with nature.

Rachel Allen, MD 

 Dr. Allen is double-board certified in anesthesiology and chronic pain management. Her clinical interests include utilization of the mind-body connection to help patients manage and heal their pain disorders. The Allens have two little girls.


For our nutritional IVs, we offer mobile services in the comfort of your own home. The Oasis IV and Wellness Spa will be opening Fall 2020

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